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 Accessories and Tools

SIM card tester for EOT/TFR uses

Specially design unit to test the GPRS functionality and password status of GSM-SIM card's used for telemetry tracking systems. Can be used to setup a SIM card for a specific use, without the operator knowing the password. 



Stand to mount two Telemeters for testing

Stand design for office/workshop use to mount two EOT telemeters in a upright standing position for testing purposes

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EOT Telemeter Tester/Vacuum Generator

The Ideal tool to test End Of Train telemeter devices. The system is embeded PC based and includes a Vacuum pump and Air-regulator. The sytem must connect to a Air-source of 600 to 800KPA.



Telemeter EOT charger room table

A Heavy duty charging table, design to accommodate 10 GPS3 EOT rear units. With space for 10 chargers and power sockets for all. EOT's can by mounted upright with it's clamp or just lay flat.


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